Reston Community Center


RCC Brings the Reston Community Together for Fun, Fitness, Learning and Relaxation

Photo of RCC in Spring

Reston Community Center (RCC), established by the Reston community in 1979, brings the community together through enriching leisure time experiences. We offer more than 2,000 positive self-development experiences every year. Our programs and events are designed to reach out to all and contribute to Reston’s sense of place. RCC is woven into the fabric of the Reston Community, with convenient locations that are within walking distance of many businesses and neighborhoods, and free parking at all facilities.

Live or Work in Reston? You Get Big Discounts at RCC!

The Reston Community Center is a Fairfax County agency funded by the tax revenues of Small District 5. The current tax rate is $0.047 per $100 of assessed property value of all residential and commercial property in Small District 5. These tax revenues fund the operation of the Reston Community Center, allowing RCC to provide programs for Small District 5 residents, and those who work in Reston, at greatly subsidized rates.

Community Support Enables RCC to Deliver Tremendous Value

We strive to offer the most varied and enriching programs in Reston. The support of our thriving Reston community enables us to deliver great value back to the people who live and work here. Our broad range of programs provide enrichment and life-long learning. We also create and sustain community traditions through special community events, outreach activities, and facility rentals.

Our people make the experience meaningful for you. RCC’s staff, instructors, Board of Governors, and volunteers are outstanding in their professionalism, enthusiasm, talent and dedication to community service.

At the Heart of the Reston Community

RCC has been part of the fabric of this community since Reston was established. Citizens worked on establishing a governing board and a special taxing district to fund the planning, design and building of the Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods Village. The goal was to provide programming and facilities that would appeal to a wide range of community interests.

Caring, Warm, and Celebrating Diversity

Because RCC was created by the Reston community for the community, we offer a unique environment that is caring, warm, and puts the welfare of our community before all other concerns. For example, diversity has always been an important part of the community and is a cornerstone of RCC. Our Multicultural Festival and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events are community celebrations that are widely attended, featuring prominent presenters and facilitators.

Accessible to All

The Reston Community Center is completely accessible to persons with disabilities, and will provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).