The Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center is currently closed due to COVID-19. We look forward to welcoming back our patrons when the Governor of Virginia and Fairfax County Government allow us to reopen. If you were signed up for a Spring Aquatics class, you will receive a refund to the credit card you used to make the purchase or, if you paid by check, you will receive a Fairfax County Government check in the mail. We greatly appreciate your patience as it takes time to process the hundreds of refunds involved.

When we reopen, RCC's state-of-the-art indoor aquatics facility will continue to serve Reston swimmers. Children, fitness fans, swim teams and lap swimmers have appreciated the 25-yard lap pool equipped with zero-depth entry and family-friendly play features. This pool has a water temperature set-point of 82 degrees for the lap lanes with warmer water in the beach entry area. A set-point temperature of 86 degrees will be serving the warm water pool and is available to those who want to exercise, or little ones who are learning to swim, with that comfort level. From the youngest beginners to lifelong swimmers, RCC has many options to help achieve your goals and enjoy your personal fitness regimen. RCC’s spa serves adults 18 and older for post-workout relaxation. The spa set-point temperature will remain the same, 104 degrees, per health department requirements. Air temperature will be set to 80 degrees.

Pricing for offerings will remain at 2018 levels through summer 2021. The passes issued in 2018 were extended for a year to cover the period of construction. We will review the COVID-19 impact on the status of RCC passes and evaluate if further extension is needed. Because Reston property owners (resident and commercial) underwrite RCC operations through Small Tax District 5, those who don’t live or work in Reston must pay the Non-Reston prices for RCC offerings. Proof of status may be requested. During the weeks of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors have been working on completion of the punch list issues (remaining renovation requirements) and it is our hope that by the time we open again, all the fixes will have occurred and been tested. We are looking forward to welcoming back our swimmers – again. 

In the meantime, we hope all our patrons remain safe and well.