Reston Community Center


2013-2014 Professional Touring Artist Series

Raul Midón

Saturday, May 31, 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20 (R), $40 (NR)

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"One of those rare musical forces that reminds us how strong and deep the connection between man and music can sometimes be."

— Guitar Magazine
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Parents Time Out

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Raul Midón's singular timeless soul pop jazz sound garnered him a standing ovation during his television debut on David Letterman and an open invitation back to Jay Leno following his appearance there. This talented, mesmerizing genre-defying artist has travelled the globe from India to Indiana spreading the message that you can do it, you can be yourself and you can be recognized and be bold.

With three major label records under his belt, State of Mind, A World within a World and Synthesis - and countless appearances both on television worldwide and on other artist's records - he is a pro and more a part of the musical landscape than you might realize. Not only have the music lovers of the world recognized his gifts, but so have some of the greatest musicians in recent history.

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