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Goal: Get 12% of Reston Households Pledged to Sustainable Practices by Year End 2012

Reston, Virginia, March 21, 2012: The Reston Sustainability Forum today kicked off its Neighborhood Captains Campaign as part of its 12x12 goal. The 12x12 goal seeks to have 12% of Restonís households signed up to the Reston Sustainability Pledge by the end of 2012.

The Pledge essentially asks folks to consider adopting simple changes in four areas — lifestyle, transportation, environment, and buying locally — that will make a huge difference in keeping the planet a more habitable and sustainable place. The Pledge outlines some straightforward and economical steps individuals can take (such as recycling, installing rain barrels, and patronizing local farmersí markets). And no one is required to act on all the suggestions offered in the Pledge; rather, the goals are to get folks to start taking some steps and, by raising consciousness on the issue, encourage that sustainability become a part of everyday decision-making.

Supervisor Hudgins, who has been a proponent of the Forum since its inception, said, "Reston has been a leader on so many fronts. What better way to lead in the 21st Century than showing how to take local ownership of the sustainability issue and making a real difference in our planet's future?"

Neighborhood Captains would lead the drive to obtain Pledges in their individual cluster, apartment building, or, in the case of single family homes, local neighborhoods. The Reston Association, Reston Town Center Association, ARCH (the Alliance of Reston Clusters and Homeowners), and WATCH (the Working Alliance of Town Center Homeowners) have volunteered to distribute Captain's Kits throughout their e-mail lists in an effort to support the Forum's goals.

The campaign's status will be updated at the April 14, 2012 Founder's Day ceremonies at Lake Anne (noon to 3 p.m.). Public recognition of neighborhood leaders in the campaign will then be finalized and announced at the 2013 Founder's Day ceremonies.

About the Reston Sustainability Forum: The Reston Sustainability Forum is a politically non-partisan, grass-roots effort aimed at making Reston an even more sustainable community. Its initial goal: getting 12% of Reston's households to sign the Sustainability Pledge.

View Downloadable Captain's Kit (PDF)

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