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Employee FAQ

Why do Reston employees receive the "Reston rate"?  

RCC operations are supported in part by revenues from a special property tax collected on all residential and commercial properties within Small District 5. Since all Reston businesses pay this tax, Reston employees (and eligible members of their household) are extended the Reston rate on all RCC programs. 

How do I register for RCC programs?

Reston employees wishing to take advantage of RCC programs need to contact RCC Customer Service at to set up an online myRCC account and verify Reston employee status. This can be done by showing a business card, letterhead, paystub or other item with a Reston address. Once Reston status is confirmed, you will be able to add household members to your account. The Reston rate is extended to the Reston employee and all eligible members of his/her household for as long as s/he is employed at a Reston-based company.  After establishing a myRCC account with RCC Customer Service, the employee will be able to register online or in person, beginning with the first day of priority registration. This includes all leisure & learning programs, trips, camps, aquatics classes and arts education classes. Please see our myRCC for more information.  

How do I find programs? 

RCC produces annual publications to announce programs for the upcoming season. These publications are available online. Reston employees are encouraged to check our website to review programs and events for the upcoming season. You may also stop in to either location and request a hard copy version; hard copies are usually available within a few days of being published online. Reston employees with established myRCC accounts will be able to register on the first day of priority registration. 

How do I purchase tickets for a theatre event?

Tickets to CenterStage performance must be purchased through the Box Office during Box Office hours.These ticket sales are handled outside of the myRCC registration system. Proof of employment status may be requested.    

How do I rent facility space?

Reston Community Center's booking season runs from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. In mid-March of each year, RCC begins accepting room reservations for the upcoming season from residents of Small District 5 and individuals employed within Small District 5 who reside outside of its boundaries. All booking requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


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