artist using potters wheel

Arts Education

Our Arts Education program provide participants of all ages the opportunity to explore their creativity by enrolling in the many courses in ceramics, painting, mosaics, dance and theatre classes as well exhibiting artworks in the Jo Ann Rose Gallery, 3D Gallery and Hunters Woods facilities.

Visual Arts

RCC Lake Anne Visual arts studios host a full menu of arts programs for youth, teens, adults and seniors.The Art Studio in addition to the many classes and workshops that are offered through out the year is home to our summer L.A.R.K. (Lake Anne Arts Rave for Kids) program. The Ceramics Studio, is fully equipped with 10 wheels, an accessible wheel, slab roller, three kilns, and a glazing and firing zone. Open studio time is scheduled for those who want to enhance their class experience as well as those who just want to stop by and play in the mud!

RCC partners with GRACE to enable our two organizations to offer more visual arts learning experiences at the GRACE Gallery in Reston Town Center. 

Performing Arts

In addition to hosting a wide range of professional and community-based arts performances and experiences, we offer classes and workshops in dance, music and acting. The CenterStage is also home to the popular Young Actors Theatre Program, working with participants ages 7-16 to learn the skills and processes necessary to create a theatrical performance.

Artist Residencies

In addition to performing in our CenterStage, our professional touring artists venture out into the community to work with local elementary, middle and high school students to provide hands-on, enriching arts experiences.

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