Sunday Afternoon Dances

Sunday Afternoon Dances
October 09, 2022 2:30 PM

RCC Hunters Woods
October 9 • 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m
Pass: $5 (R)/$10 (NR) Per Session
18 Years and Older • Reservation Required*

Dancers of all skill levels convene the second Sunday of the month to foxtrot, swing, cha-cha and waltz. Music selection ranges from golden oldies to modern dance selections. A mini lesson and door prizes add to the fun; partners are not required. Reservations for Sunday Afternoon Dances are free, but patrons are required to purchase a Dance pass and swipe the pass prior to each session.

Dance passes can be purchased and renewed online through myRCC or at an RCC Customer Service Desk. Passes may be purchased for a minimum of one visit to a maximum of 10 visits at the fee of $5 (R)/$10 (NR) per visit. No 55+ discount applies. Patrons who need to cancel can now do so in myRCC. For more information, please contact Cassie Lebron, RCC’s Lifelong Learning Director, at 703-390-6157.

*Reservations are available the 25th of each month for the next month. To reserve, sign into myRCC and select the dates you wish to attend.

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