Due to the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, Fairfax County Government requires all people in public facilities to wear a mask inside. This applies to people who are vaccinated as well as those who are not. An individual’s vaccination status is their private concern – we ask patrons to refrain from making inquiries about vaccination status of each other. RCC employees are all required to follow the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health/Department of Labor and Industry protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing and conducting a health self-check prior to participation will continue to help people stay healthy. Getting vaccinated is the best protection for any individual and is urged for anyone who is eligible. Because vaccination is still not available to youth under 12 years old, we all can continue to take steps to protect those children who are watching us all the time. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and consideration of our patrons.


Reston Community Center Highlights

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